Located since 1956 on the National Road 340 at the crossroads of Antas in the axis that communicates the coast of the Levante with the inland, is situated the Hotel Restaurant Mi Casa, surrounded by extensive orchards and orange groves, owned by the Carretero Family and popularly known as the «Bar Mi Casa».

Over the years this establishment has expanded and has been modernized to offer to its customer and friends the best service always combined with the quality of all its products and to the tradition of a house with such history and character.

«Mi Casa» is currently a recognized place in its area and province not only for the good cuisine offered but also by its special attention.


GPS Coordinates
Latitude-East (E): 37° 15′ 45.3306″
Longitude-North (N): -1° 54′ 53.1756″

Exits from the Mediterranean Motorway A7
From Murcia: Exit 537
From Almería: Exit 534b

The origins of this emblematic establishment date back to January 1, 1956, when the parents of the current owner (Gabriel Carretero and Beatriz Pérez) opened its doors for the first time.


The origins of this emblematic establishment date back to January 1, 1956, when the parents of the current owner (Gabriel Carretero and Beatriz Pérez) opened its doors for the first time.

The guesthouse ‘Pensión Bar Mi Casa’ was situated at the same place that today is the modern hotel. It had a total of ten rooms, a small dining room with a capacity for 20 people, a tobacco store and a post-office sorting service.

Those were times of post-war period and with the agriculture as basic tenet of the village and region economy, many businessmen and workers were coming to this land famous everywhere for its oranges.

Given its privileged location, on the national road midway between Almeria and Murcia, it was an essential stopping point on the way of so many people who daily were travelling along this busy road. Day and night, open 24 hours a day, Gabriel, Beatriz and their children were attending to the continuous coming and going of merchants, farmers, truck drivers, singers, actors of the epoch and also the civil governor and the bishop. All of them were attended equally in this house.

For many years the Bar Mi Casa has been closely related to the continuous economic expansion of the village of Antas; for visitors of the area, to mention Antas was to think about the Bar Mi Casa and vice versa.

In 1980, having learned and perfected for almost ten years the international restoration in Basle (Switzerland), Juan Carretero (son of the founders) took over the family business and together with his wife Ángela built the new bar-restaurant with a dining room with a capacity for about 50 people. A few years later the modern banquet lounge rises up which can accommodate 500 people and also the covered terrace where event welcome cocktails are served in open air.

In 1993 the guesthouse was extended and turned it into a small hotel two stars as we know it today. Over the course of recent years the Hotel Restaurant Mi Casa has continued growing, and constantly being renewed to be one of the emblematic business of the area and a recognized establishment in the whole province.

Currently the family’s third generation is incorporated in the business. Graduates in Tourism for the University of Almeria, Gabriel and Antonio (sons of Juan and Ángela) undertook in 2010 the complete renovation of the bar-cafeteria zones and the restaurant, and most recently, in 2015, the hotel’s reception, latest terraces and cocktail area.

Undoubtedly, they look to the future with eagerness and new projects, joining together all its efforts to make the client feel as in its own house. Hence the name, Mi Casa.